Backyard Revolution Solar Review | Real or Fake | Updated 2020

About This Product

Backyard revolution is a new, innovative DIY home solar product making some serious waves on the ClickBank marketplace… but does it work? What’s its claim to fame? Can a unit THAT small be really THAT effective? (Get your mind out of the gutter).

Well, to answer that, we need to break down exactly what the product is and the science behind it. Then we can decide from there.

As we all know, conventional solar panels are these large, 2-dimensional things that can either be propped up in a yard or attached professionally to the roof of a home or office.

As time as gone on, and new developments have come out, conventional panels have become more and more efficient at capturing energy.

Unfortunately, as it seems, we’re nearing the upper limit for the amount of energy a panel can collect for its given area.

Meaning we know that if we take the best 2-D panel money can buy, and place it in direct sunlight, that it’ll generate X amount of electricity per square foot.

Backyard Revolution took solar energy to new heights. Literally. By building the panels vertically they are able to multiply the efficiency of each solar panel per square foot.

To put it more simply, they can fit more solar panels in less space if they just build up. It’s the same reason why major cities have skyscrapers–more people with less ground space.

There’s No Way It Can Work, Right?

Honestly, we thought the same thing. When we saw the pictures and watched the video presentation we thought it was a piece of junk. Then we did some independent research and were shocked at what we found.

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) put the exact same concept to the test a few years ago, and we were shocked to see the results they recorded (no pun intended).

I mean, there’s not too much more to say about it, when the headline of a blog article published by one of the most well-respected and prestigious universities in the World includes “can more than double the solar power generated from a given area” well, who are we to fight that?

What About All The Shadows On It?

Yup, we thought the same thing, because obviously shaded panels experience significantly reduced output. As it turns out, the people who have made this are just really, REALLY bad photographers. If you look closely at the finished product image, and even MIT’s image, you can see the panels are set up so that sunlight can actually pass through them. Full disclosure, not ALL the sunlight passes through, some IS obstructed, but however you slice it any light that can squeeze through and hit the second panel will result in even more energy generated for the same small space.

What About The Author, “Zack Bennett”?

If you read the fine print below the video presentation, you will see the following words “Zack Bennett is a pen name”. Although we appreciate them disclosing that we do hope they understand having “pen names” can be a great way to turn interested people off to the offer altogether.

But, to be fair, Mark Twain and JK Rowling are both pen names, so who are we to judge? If they want to add that extra layer of security between themselves and people who may have a serious issue with the waves they were making, then go ahead. After all, big oil has its agenda, and making sure a little old carpenter from Orlando disappeared to preserve the agenda wouldn’t be too difficult. It’s for the best that they have one.

How Is Backyard Revolution Delivered?

Ok, we were really impressed with how streamlined their system was. Immediately after buying the product through this link, we were sent an email with all the information included.

The private members area also included a list of videos and bonus pdf’s giving us even more information for how we can protect our homes, families, etc. from power outages, EMP’s, natural disasters… on and on. 

It was really nice to receive these extra bonuses (and more). We took it as them having a genuine interest in us and our well-being. We’ve learned so much from building and using the system itself, but we learned an equal amount from the bonuses they gave us and, for that, we are very thankful.

So thankful that we actually reached back out and asked to upgrade to the Backyard Revolution Platinum Package, their Gasless Generator Video Guide, and their Livery Farm guide as well. Each we found to be super useful for us, but we know this is on a person by person basis. The good news is all of these extra packages come with a refund guarantee, so if you buy them and it turns out that you do not to use the information you can reach out and they’ll quickly send you your money back. That’s another big check in the “not a scam”, at least for us.

What Did It Cost? Was It Easy To Build?

We paid a very reasonable $39 for the plans. It was a one-time fee that was securely processed through a vendor called ClickBank. As soon as we submitted our payment information and completed the checkout we were taken to the private members area. We also immediately received an email with a link back to the members area so we can continue to access it at any point in the future.

As far as building it is concerned, we’re not the most DIY-savvy people, but we got it done. They were saying on their website that it can be built in just a few hours, and they are right…if you have some DIY experience.

For us, it took just under 3 hours to build once we had all the parts in-hand. That may sound daunting, but it was actually really fun. I got to spend some quality time with my wife and the kids. They all got to learn a little something and I got to look like superman building everything from start to finish.

We did find some parts of the plans a bit confusing, and some parts were just so easy to do that we skipped them, but overall it was not too difficult to build. Best of all, once we were done building it we haven’t had to touch it since. Done deal, let it start pumping out power, on to the next project.


To Wrap Up, Here Are The Pros We’ve Seen From Backyard Revolution

  1. It’s reliable. The unit has sat outside for the last two months and hasn’t stopped generating electricity. The output does take a little bit of a hit on cloudy days, but even then free energy is free energy, we’ll take every bit we can get!
  2. It’s scalable. If we really wanted to knock out our entire utility bill we could easily build 2-3 more of these and wire them all together. The plans actually show us how to do it.
  3. It doesn’t destroy our roof. No screw holes or wires from conventional solar systems. And, to make things better, outrageous monthly payments to a solar company. We built it, we own it.
  4. We’re doing our part to keeping the World clean. Power plants and even conventional solar panels produce a ton of pollution to make and run. Because we’re using a couple of 2×4 boards and tiny panels the pollution to make is MUCH lower and the lifespan this unit has will more than offset that.

Here Are The Cons We’ve Seen From Backyard Revolution

  1. It did take us longer than expected to build. But again, it wasn’t a painful process, and we don’t regret doing it.
  2. We had to buy a couple of extra tools at the hardware store to build it. It wasn’t a big deal, just a couple of bucks to buy them, but we wanted to include it anyways because we’re struggling to find cons as we write this.

Our Rating? 9.7/10

We loved building this, and we’ve been taking full advantage of the bonuses as well. It’s unfortunate that Facebook marketers and competitors seem to have given it a bad rap, but we’re hoping to bring some truth and an honest review to the marketplace. Absolutely zero regrets!

If you’d like to get your own copy of Backyard Revolution from the same place as us, click here. You’ll be taken directly to their checkout form.

If you’d like to watch their free video presentation where they go over the system in more detail, click here. But be warned, it is a sales presentation first, info presentation second. The real meat and potatoes are in the plans themselves.

We appreciate you!